History of Shoes

Each goes to school / to our office must wear shoes. In addition to protecting the feet, shoes also make us look more presentable. Well, do you know since when humans use shoes?

Historians estimate the shoes were first made in an ice age or five million years ago and is made from animal skin. Shoes primitive ever found in large numbers in rural Missouri, United States and estimated to come from 8000 BCE (BC).

Other shoe ever found in the mountains of France and is from 3300 BC. Apart from the skins of animals there are also shoes made ​​of grass or shrubs to protect feet from hot sun or cold temperatures. In addition to Missouri America, also found footwear that comes from the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Viking, and ancient China.

Ever found a footwear originating from Ancient Egypt and has a very beautiful picture. Footwear is owned by the King of Egypt. Footwear was also used to indicate social status.

Ancient Greek society also have footwear that really support their activities. His shoes have a lot of rope tied around the calf. Ancient Roman Army also has a very distinctive shoe and called caligae. When the Roman soldiers returning from war and win, caligae will be given a spike that comes from bronze, silver and even gold.

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