8 Chemistry Excercise With the Answer for Grade 10

1 Electrolytes are:
    a. Substances that conduct electric current
    b. Salt is ionized into cations and anions
    c. Redden blue litmus solution
    d. The color blue litmus solution red
    e. Substance in solution can deliver an electric current

2. A solution is a good listris Conductor, if the solution contains:
    a. Ions can move freely
    b. Metal conductors that are
    c. Solute molecules
    d. Solvents which are polar
    e. Electrons are free to move

3. The following statements are in accordance with oxidation event is the event:
    a. Electron capture
b. The release of oxygen
c. Addition of negative charge
d. Increase in oxidation number
e. reduction of positive charge

6. The following statements are in accordance with the event reduction is the event:
    a. The release of electrons
    b. The release oxygen
    c. Addition of positive charge
    d. Reduction negative charge
    e. Increasing oxidation

5. The following compounds are not a member of the alkene is:
    a. Methane
b. Ethene
c. Propene
d. Butene
e. Pentena

6. Acetylene gas including the series:
a. Alkenes
b. Alkyne
    c. Alkanes
    d. Alkadiena
    e. Saturated hydrocarbons
7. Here are not the result of the petrochemical industry are:
    a. Detergent
    b. Plastic
    c. Fertilizer
d. Asbestos
e. Rubber

8. Excess carbon dioxide in the air is the cause:
a. Acid rain
    b. Smog
c. The death of aquatic
d. Securities houses
    e. Forest Damage

Nama : Dicky Murdian Putra
Kelas  : X –  Sos 2
Absen : 12

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