Salak Fruit

Salak is a kind of palm with edible fruit. In English is called salak or snake fruit, while the scientific name is Salacca zalacca. The fruit is known as snake fruit due to his skin like snake scales.

Pemerian botanist
Palma-shaped shrubs or almost not trunked, prickly lot, reptiles and breed a lot, grow into a clump of dense and strong. Stem creeping below or above ground, forming a rhizome, often branched, 10-15 cm diameter.
The compound leaves are pinnate, 3-7 m long, petiole, leaf midrib and its long prickly, thin and more, the color gray to blackish spines. Children lancet-shaped leaves with pointed tip, measuring up to 8 x 85 cm, the bottom side by a layer of whitish wax.
Most married two (dioesis), located in the cob wreath compound that appears in the armpit leaves, stemmed, first covered by a sheath, which later dry up and break down into a similar fiber. Male flowers cob 50-100 cm in length, consisting of 4-12 grains each cylindrical length between 7-15 cm, with a lot of interest lies in the armpit reddish scales are arranged meeting. Cob female flowers 20-30 cm, long-stemmed, consisting of 1-3 grains reach 10 cm in length.

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