How to Use Pascal

Opening and Saving Files in Pascal 

Opening and closing your files in pascal follows the usual method of:
* File Menu
* Open (or Save)
* Select the File (or type in the file name)
* Click Open (or Save)
This is exactly the same as you would do in any word processing program.
Alternatively you can press F2 to save your program.
It is a good idea to save your work regularly.

Exiting Pascal

To exit Pascal:
* File Menu
* Exit
Alternatively you can press Alt-x to exit.

Compiling and Running Your Program
 It is VERY important that you know how to do this so make sure you remember it.

When you compile your program, Pascal checks it for errors. If there are any errors Pascal tells you. If you don't understand what the error means then look up the error in the help.
 To compile your program press F9, or you can select Compile from the Compile menu.
To run your program press Ctrl+F9, or select Run from the Compile menu. This command compiles your program. Then if the compilation was successful your program will be run.

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