Wisata Bahari Lamongan

Wisata Bahari Lamongan or abbreviated WBL, is where the nautical tourism, located in District Paciran, Lamongan, East Java. These attractions opened since the soft opening on 14 November 2004. Some rides are excellent tourist attractions including Underwater Palace, Cave Insectarium, Space Shuttle, Pavilion Wali Songo, Texas City, Pope Dangdut, Shooting Fish, Glass House, and the Pirate Palace.

Sightseeing is located in Surabaya, Tuban coast line, and is near a number of mainstay attractions in East Java, including Maharani Cave, Grave and Museum Sunan Drajat, Tomb of Sunan Duwur Spring, and the Cape of Frog Resort. Not far from the WBL, approximately 5 km to the east, has operated bonded area known as Lamongan Shorebase (LS). Meanwhile, about 6 miles west of the archipelago are fishing port in the district Bronwen with fish auction place that is very well known in East Java.


Currently, Marine Tourism Lamongan extended to include Gua Maharani. Where are Gua Maharani now become tourist attractions not only Goa but has been developed as a place of recreation Zoo (Zoo), which has a large collection of animals. So Goa Maharani has now changed its name to Maharani Zoo & Goa.

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