How to Use Google Adsense

For now, we want to share how to use or register google ads, hopefully this will be usefull for you :) 

Once we know what it is google adsense, you certainly want her to use these facilities, let's find out how to use google adsense.
Now Google Adsense advertising on the Web. Almost in every website we can find ads from Google Adsense. Adsense is very popular because everyone who has a website that meets the requirements of Google can sign up for Google Adsense. In addition, people who place ads from Google Adsense ads get paid per click. Although the pay is not much, but if the amount a lot then it could be hundreds of dollars. If you want to sign up for Google Adsense follow the steps - these steps:

Fulfill the requirements first:
1. Got webiste in English at the initial approval. If it is approved you can put Adsense on other websites. If you can not have a blog on, then fill with the English-language articles.
2. Read the first rule. Do not be violated if you do not want your account blocked.
Step - step sign up for Google Adsense:
1. Register here: Google Adsense
2. Fill the form.
3. Open your email, then open an email from Google, click on registration confirmation link.
4. Wait until your site to be approved.
How to Use Google Adsense:
1. Once you activate your account log into your Adsense Account.
2. Included in the Adsense Setup. You will find 3 types of Adsense:
Adsense for content, this type of advertising content in the form of text and images.
Adsense for Search, you'll get paid every one who search with Google's search engine will put in your website.
Referrals, you will get money from the intake of other users who register through your link.
3. Setealah it follow the steps - the next step. Once you get the source code for Adsense, you just mengcopynya to your website.

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