History of Vans Shoes

On March 16, 1966 at 704 E. Broadway, in Anaheim, California, Paul Van Doren and three partners opened their first store. Van Doren Rubber Company is unique because of shoes manufactured and sold directly to the public. On the first morning, 12 customers buying Vans deck shoes, now known as the Authentic. Shoes that are made ​​today that are ready for pick-up in the afternoon.
These shoes come out soon after Caballero see the first signature and the signature skate shoe first released in America, Cab, was cut in half to the upper middle of the street skaters. He decided to try it for himself, and in a few months, he went to Vans to the field version of the idea of ​​mid-upper shoes. This led to the birth of the force, 33 or Half Cab Vans.

Authentic is the classic original lace-up skate shoe features signature vans waffle bottom construction. This shoe has remained faithful to the roots and has not changed since 1966 origins. Now has become a classic for casual occasions. Canvas uppers in many colors and styles with soles vulcanized asli.Sepatu plasticity is indeed not like skate shoes, but these shoes are very widely used by young people of today to the street to the Mall.

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